The Start of Summer

In the past I used to look forward to the long summer holidays with the smug satisfaction of a clean house, a freezer stocked with ready to reheat nutritious home-made family meals, and six weeks of activities all planned for…. it bloody knackered us to pull it off but pull it off we did. These days, well our super-parent capes are looking a little grimy and threadbare; the long holidays seem to come round faster each year and we head into them somewhat disorganised, already exhausted and hoping against hope that this year, maybe, all support services will be in place and no-one is going to give us worse than usual behavioural problems to deal with.

This year is especially significant; our middle daughter has just finished her A-levels and all being well will head off to university in September with a cheerful farewell to spread her glorious wings into full flight. I can’t help feeling a little heartbroken at all the ‘normal’ little things her having autistic siblings has prevented us from enjoying with her. We owe her a lot of time and a few good holidays, as it is we  have been squashing in what quality time we can where we can and hope she goes off with some good memories of this summer.

This week marked the last day at college for our son. We don’t know if he’s going back or not, a SEND Tribunal appeal has been placed, we should hear next week what the council’s position is and whether it will be going to the hearing which is scheduled for October.

As we head into the final week of term for our youngest, we are trying desperately to ensure all the most urgent things are dealt with before our caring responsibilities more than double when she breaks up, but first we have to survive the weekend and we haven’t had much sleep….


About barbgrant

full-time parent/carer and part-time OU student
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