Conistone Dib


The sleepy hamlet is centred round maypole,

silent stone cottages sleep in the sun.

The lane leads us to giants’ steps

where our walk is truly begun.


The dry ghyll is paved by boulders,

adventurously we pass through the cleft.

The limestone scree and wind sculpted trees

open before us to right and to left.


The palpable silence, interrupted by bleating,

clings to our unoccupied ears.

The grass, smoothed by innumerable boots,

is splattered with molehills it appears.


The steep climb to bleak grassy hilltop

is funneled by cliffs of green.

The view of glacier carved valleys

is different each time it is seen.


The drink in of fresh air and sunshine

is refreshing as water to thirst.

The walk back, descending by farm track,

each boot now rushes to be first.


The gulls schooling above Kilnsey Crag

symbolise the freedom we feel.

Our hearts made happy by a walk in the Dales

and their gift to uplift and heal.


About barbgrant

full-time parent/carer and part-time OU student
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