Merry Christmas from the Grants

Another eventful year has sped by & the children are keeping us as busy as ever.

Jamie is doing so well now; the medication he was prescribed for epilepsy has worked well & all his behavioural difficulties of the previous year have resolved. He has settled well into college & is making significant progress, exciting recent developments are him spontaneously signing & showing a much greater comprehension of what we’re saying to him. He is well liked at college & was chosen to be featured in both their prospectus & World Autism Day blog post. I was also asked to speak at the official opening of the new autism centre at the college, which was both exciting & terrifying!

Heather is quite the young adult now, she did very well in her GCSE’s with ten passes ranging from A* to C & is now settling into King James’s School Sixth Form studying for A levels in Geography, English Language & English Literature. Earlier this year she was lucky enough to go on an amazing school trip to Iceland which she thoroughly enjoyed.

Paul & Heather still enjoy going to football matches together, although fewer trips this year whilst Heather is studying, they have been to Hull & Stoke-on-Trent.

Hazel continues to be up & down, we had a very settled spell last spring & early summer & things seemed to be going really well but then towards the end of the school year she had a spell of being challenging. Apart from lashing out at me, she is also quite destructive & keeps Paul very busy repairing the things she’s broken.

In amongst the chaos I managed to complete two OU modules, a short course, World Archaeology, & the module I deferred from the previous year, The art of English. I was so pleased to get grade 2 passes for both of them. Now I am on my final module, Exploring English Grammar, which is a quite misleading title for a course which actually focusses on linguistics rather than ‘traditional’ grammar!


Jamie Henshaws College World Autism Day:

Barbara Henshaws autism centre opening:

Hazel Springwater school

Heather Iceland Trip (Chaloner Magazine page 21)



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