A Day in the life…..

What a day today was! It started off OK, the first day back at school after half-term and I was ahead of the game with lunch boxes, bags, money etc all ready to go. Jamie was ready and waiting for his school bus and very happy to go off to school when it arrived. Hazel was not so happy; I had just got her moving to get washed and dressed when bang, bang, bang, hammering sounds from next door. Not good, fingers firmly wedged in her ears she did not want to get ready at all and persuasion resulted in her kicking off. Big time! It took the two of us three quarters of an hour to finally get her ready for school. I’m now sporting a fine new set of bruises on my arms. We’re both feeling very worried about how stressed she is getting about going into school in the mornings and hoping we get things sorted out for her soon. No time to feel sorry for ourselves though, it was back home and straight into the chores, so whilst I rang social services disabled children’s team to discuss our concerns, Paul gets on with washing the car, which is filthy after a weeks of being out and about with the kids. Mum comes to clean on a Monday so she Hoovers and tidies up. There is just time for me to deal with the laundry and prepare tonight’s dinner before a lady from Yorkshire Housing comes to fill in some forms for Hazel’s Disabled Facilities Grant application, for soundproofing her room; there is no doubt that this is needed after this morning’s incident! When the lady leaves I make us lunch, empty the dishwasher and attend to the washing machine again. I leave Paul wrestling with our household accounts and head off to the town. First stop Boots I’ve ordered some Bio-oil in the hopes that I can reduce the scarring on my arms from Hazel’s assaults, then there’s carrier bag of repeat prescriptions to collect from the chemist. Finally I make it into the library where I spend an hour working my next Open University assignment. All too soon it’s time to drop the bags at home before going to collect Jamie from school, where I’m greeted by a very happy Jim and a large bag of dirty laundry. No walk tonight as Jamie is wearing his ’emergency’ shoes, so we get back home and sorted before Paul arrives back with Hazel. She is in a much better mood tonight. We fall into routine and get on with dinner, baths and bedtime. In the midst of all this busyness Heather just quietly get on with her own thing, eventually arriving home from school for dinner, disappearing out then back by 7pm, bessie mate in tow. Hazel is settled to bed by 8.30, Jamie, well he may or may not go to sleep tonight, let’s hope we are lucky!


About barbgrant

full-time parent/carer and part-time OU student
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